Material price surcharge as of 28th March 2022

Material price surcharge as of 28th March 2022


Dear MJ-Customer,

Thanks to the exceptional measures we implemented in manufacturing, transport and service due to our long term supply contracts, we were able to meet everyone’s needs throughout this unprecedented last two years without passing you the massive price jumps and extremely short offer validity periods of raw and input materials, but the ongoing global development is creating new challenges for us. 

The Ukraine war as well as the sanctions against Russia affect the already stricken raw material and energy market significantly. This global situation, which has been escalating for the last several weeks remains unstable and continues to cause the shortage and drastic increase of raw material prices simultaneously affecting our production costs.
As a scaffolding manufacturer we are severely affected by the price increase in the areas of steel, aluminium, zinc and wood as well as the energy and fuel costs. Weekly price increases at double-digit rates are currently on the agenda.

The good news: Our warehouses are full as never before. In both, raw materials and finished articles. All material orders, also for the upcoming quarters are placed generously. Your supply with scaffoldings Made in Plettenberg is assured, as far as we can ascertain in the currect situation.

Due to the described cost development, we are obliged to reflect such increase in costs in our selling prices. We will therefore raise a material surcharge in the amount of 11% of the relevant catalogue prices for our entire product range as of 28th March 2022.

We are convinced, that in this way we can continue to deliver your scaffoldings with a high-quality service at best conditions, even in this tight situation and we are pleased to accompany you as a reliable partner in difficult times, such as these.
We will, of course inform you about any improving framework conditions.


With best regards,
MJ-Gerüst GmbH
Jörg Frommann | Managing Director

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