UNI TOP 65/100


The facade scaffolding system UNI TOP meets the requirements of the national technical approval of the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik Berlin (German Centre of Competence for
Construction) Z-8.1-902.

By connecting the individual scaffold bays with decks which are placed on the bolts in the vertical frames, the system can be assembled in virtually no time. This also rules out the
risk of the decks slipping. This offers users a high degree of safety. The swivel pins in the vertical frames are used to fasten guard rails and diagonal braces without the use of tools.

The scaffolding system UNI TOP can be used according to DIN 4420-1:1990 for scaffolding groups 1-3 (which correspond to load classes 1-3 under DIN EN 12811-1) with bay widths
l ≤ 3.0 m, and as guard and roof guard scaffolds. In addition, the use of a roof guard is numbered for in this design in compliance with the standard.

Due to its extensive and functionally aligned accessories, the system is able to achieve a degree of flexibility that also enables scaffolding for challenging objects.



  • Horizontal bracing through peg/deck locking mechanism
  • Short assembly times without the use of any additional tools
  • High safety features: decks are firmly locked to the vertical frames, inherent and vertical moving loads are discharged directly by the decks lying on the vertical frames
  • No “tripping hazards” on the deck level caused by protruding parts: the vertical frames are equipped with special “T-profiles”
  • Independent perpendicular adjustment through fixed knot connections: after the initial alignment, the alignment of all further scaffold levels takes place automatically
  • Maximum work surface due to outside diagonal braces
  • Decks made of timber, steel and aluminum